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The Archaelogical Museum
(tel.: +30 22890 22 325) 

This Museum is regarded as unique in its particular domain because of the representative chartacter of its vase collection, that covers a period from the geometrical times to the 6th century mirroring the style and technique of pottery art in Ancient Greece. Crowning exhibit in the Museum is considered to be the relief amphora representing scenes from the Trojan war. Furthermore there is a very rich collection of red and black figured vases. Very significant is also the vas-relief from the Hellenistic times (2nd-1st century B.C.) 

The Folk Museum
(tel.: +30 22890 22 591) 

Founded in 1958 by Professor V. Kyriazopoulos, it is situated in Kastro in the town of Mykonos. The Museum contains collections of keys and locks, hand-woven materials, painted plates, old weights and measures, traditional cycladic sculptures and a wide range of lightening devices from the ancient oil lamp to the paraffin lamp, a collection of obsidian tools and weapons and a collection of 19th century garments. 

The Aegean Naval Museum
(tel.: +30 22890 22 700) 

The Museum was founded by Georgios M. Dracopoulos. It contains models of coastal and sea-going ships, ancient, medieval and more contemporary rowing and sailing boats and streamships. There is a collection of paintings, engravings and ancient coins with naval depictions.

Mykonos Hoteliers Acossiation
Address: POBox 10 Mykonos - 86400
Phone: +30 22890 24540 Fax: +30 22890 24760

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