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During the high season, the K.T.E.L buses (tel: 22890 23360) have regular, frequently - scheduled, routes to and from the countryside (Ano Mera etc.) and the majority of the islands' beaches. Departures, depending on the destination are from the two bus terminals on the north (Museum) and south side (Fabrika) of town. 

The main TAXI stand is in the Mando Square, prices are "fixed" for each destination. There is a 24 hours dispatching service: tel.:2289022400 and 228923700. 

A wonderful means for visiting the beaches on the southern shore of the island are the "CAIQUES" small boats that, departing from Platy-Yialos and Ornos, make regularly scheduled round trips as far as Elia beach, to the east. 

Boat tickets, schedules and information is available at the travel agencies on the waterfront. 

"Olympic Airways" has an office in Fabrika, tel.:2289022490, 2289022495. 


Due to changeable weather conditions, airplane or boat departures may be delayed or cancelled, and it is in the travelers' won interest to be well informed. 

Mykonos Hoteliers Acossiation
Address: POBox 10 Mykonos - 86400
Phone: +30 22890 24540 Fax: +30 22890 24760

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